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Investment Information
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Corporate Disclosure
As of 2019-11-21 06:52:13
No Date Title Presentation Obligator
10 2019/04/15 Contract for Sales or Supply NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
9 2019/04/09 Decision on Buying Tangible Assets NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
8 2019/03/27 Outcome of Annual Shareholders` Meeting NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
7 2019/03/19 Submission of Audit Report NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
6 2019/03/06 Reporting reasons for holding general shareholders' meeting on the most concentrated date NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
5 2019/02/26 Decision on Calling Shareholders` Meeting NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
4 2019/02/26 Decision on Cash Dividend and Dividend in Kind NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
3 2019/02/08 30% or More Change in Sales or Profit/Loss(15% or more in the case of large-scale corporations) NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
2 2019/01/10 [Revised]Contract for Sales or Supply NEXTURNCo.,Ltd
1 2018/12/21 [Revised]Contract for Sales or Supply NEXTURNCo.,Ltd